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    Foreign Dept: +86-519-88966750 ext.8006
    Add:117, Heping Village, Zhenglu, Tianning District, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China
    Disposable Multi-channel Single-port Laparoscopic Trocars


    Scope of application:
    Used as a channel for endoscopy and instruments in minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery.

    Product Features:
    • Integrated airtight system, combined with innovative sealing design and visibility platform design, maintains the stability of the pneumoperitoneum during surgery and provides a part of the observable area when the device enters.
    • Multi-channel platform design, double-layer linkage air-tight structure, to ensure the establishment of good pneumonitoneum conditions;Devices with pipe diameter of 5-12mm can enter and exit freely for different applicable devices to pass through;Multi-channel design can effectively reduce the collision of the incoming and outgoing instruments.
    • The material is soft and feels good, which provides the performer with greater freedom of swing and facilitates the flexible operation of the instrument.
    • The detachable design is simple in structure and convenient in disassembly, which is conducive to the removal of the excised tissue or sample and the quick detachment of the membrane channel.
    • Single-port laparoscopic surgery incision wound small, less bleeding;In the case of umbilical intervention through natural canal, postoperative incision scar can be hidden in the umbilicus, with micro or even no scars, and the postoperative rehabilitation and beauty effect is significant.

    Product Specification:


    Casing Inner Diameter

    Casing Length


    Φ5 管套 Φ12 管套 Φ5 管套

    Φ12 管套

    5.9 13.9 60.2 72.4
    Components of incision dilator
    Inside diameter of flexible seal ring
    Inside ring diameter
    Inside ring inner diameter
    Inside ring outer diameter
    Film channel length
    62 5 60 70 150